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PRETOLA advocates a better future for people living with epilepsy, learning disability and autism around the world

Pretola GHC’s primary purpose is to bridge the awareness and treatment gap of epilepsy, learning disability and autism in the United Kingdom and globally. 

Pretola GHC achieves this through the provision of specialist training to a variety of services and settings in the UK and abroad. With a strong awareness that approximately 80% of people living with uncontrolled epilepsy live in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), Pretola GHC also provides advocacy, training and expert advice to charities and organisations operating in these countries to help build their capacity. 

We strongly believe that every person living with a neurological condition anywhere in the world has the right to live a dignified and fulfilling life made possible by access to high-quality and personalised care. We work tirelessly with our partners in the UK and beyond, equipping healthcare practitioners with advanced multi-disciplinary knowledge required to deliver consistently excellent, evidence-based care in their contexts. 

Securing a better future for people living with epilepsy, learning disabilities and autism cannot wait. Wherever you are based in the world, contact us today to discuss your training needs.

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