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PRETOLA advocates a better future for people living with epilepsy, learning disability and autism around the world by fostering good relationship with organisations across the globe

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Espacio Epilepsia:


Espacio Epilepsia es una plataforma digital dedicada a empoderar, informar y educar sobre epilepsia. Nos propusimos crear una comunidad centrada en la experiencia de las personas con epilepsia y compartiendo nuestras historias conectarnos, informarnos y apropiarnos de la enfermedad para transitarla de una manera positiva. Además de acompañarnos entre nosotros, generamos conciencia en la sociedad entera para reducir el estigma y derribar mitos relacionados a la epilepsia.


Espacio Epilepsia is a digital platform committed to empowerment, informing and educating about epilepsy. We set out to create a community centered on the experience of people living with epilepsy. Sharing our stories we connect with each other, inform ourselves and take ownership of the disease so that it may become a positive aspect of life. Besides supporting each other, we bring awareness to society at large to reduce stigma and dispel myths related to the disease.


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Epilepsy awareness and aid Foundation 

EAAF is a non-profit organization in Cameroon that was created in 2020 by Dr Mundih Noelar Njohjam, a medical doctor. Dr Mundih’s motivation to start the foundation
was driven by her observation of the high prevalence of epilepsy in Cameroon and the serious physical, psychological, social and economic consequences that this had on people living with epilepsy, their
families and communities. The foundation has as its mission to raise awareness and educate the public about epilepsy and provide assistance to people living with epilepsy. Specifically, the foundation works
to raise awareness and educate the public through community outreaches, school programs and local media outlets. They have been working with people with epilepsy in disadvantaged communities in
Cameroon to make available, high quality and affordable health services to these patients and conducting community sensitization to increase utilization of the services. They recently championed the creation of first ever Epilepsy clinic in Cameroon in the North West region where over 700 persons with epilepsy are receiving treatment, care and follow-up.

Social media handles

Facebook: Epilepsy Awareness and Aid Foundation (EAAF)
Instagram: epilepsy_awareness_and_aid_fdt
Twitter: Epilepsy Awareness and Aid Foundation (EAAF)

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Mfuwe Epilepsy project, Zambia: 

Provides medical access to people with epilepsy in Zambia. The team is involved in epilepsy research . a cross-sectional population based study focused on the  epilepsy prevalence and treatment gaps in Kakumbi Chiefdom, Eastern Zambia.  Our research Project is interventional. They support people living with epilepsy by providing anti-seizure medication, community awareness and advocacy.  


Twitter @Andrewmalunga6

Know the child - Know your child Educational Consult and Academy (KTC-KYC):
is a fast-growing educational, and vocational rehabilitation organization whose main goal is to help foster inclusive education, advocate functional independence, and wellness of mind for every individual with special needs. Over the years, KTC-KYC has consistently hosted two (2) virtual program conferences which are the Special Educational Needs School Outreach (SENSO), and the Special Needs Vocational Outreach (SNVO). These conferences have trained over 400 Parents, Special Education Needs Teachers, and professionals on the provision of adequate support for individuals with special needs. KTC-KYC believes that students have a right to adequate support, and positive redirection to exceed expectations. They believe that to achieve this, educators and professionals (regardless of what services are specifically provided) must be adequately equipped, and trained to give this support. Additionally, they train young adults living with disabilities to develop a vocational skill. They believe that functional independence and financial sustainability is needed to enjoy a purposeful life. In light of this, KTC-KYC Educational Consult and Academy is an organization that is c
onsistent with meeting needs, proffering solutions and motivating young adults regardless of their limitations, to continue to thrive.


For more information, feel free to send an email to  Also, visit to find out more information about their services. 


Ri-Care Helpmate Services: 

Is a group of Behaviour Therapists and Special Education Needs Teachers on a mission to provide quality therapy in a nurturing and supportive environment with over fifteen (15) years of experience They provide support for children with speech challenges, learning and developmental disabilities. Their goal is to provide children and teens with the opportunity to develop their full potential and functional independence amidst their disabilities.  Our services include:

  • Behavioral modification

  •  Verbal Behavior Skill (speech, language and communication)

  • School ABA tutoring

  • Educational programs for homes and schools

  • Training ABA Tutors and Caregivers

  •  Respite Services and after school care 

  • Sales of therapy materials and flashcards

  • Walk in services

We are committed to making the care of every child count. We see the ability in disabilities and we leave no child behind!




Instagram/Facebook and Twitter: @ricaretherapy

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Arthur’s Dream Autism Trust (ADAT FOUNDATION): 

Exists to provide solutions for families of people living with disabilities in Kenya. The purpose of the Foundation is to aide parents in getting a timely diagnosis for their children, connect with the right schools and establish a support mechanism for parents of children living with various disabilities. Their work includes ensuring persons with disabilities have access to education, health and justice. This often involves advocating for reasonable adjustments to be made so that persons with disabilities and their families live fulfilling lives. The inspiration behind the Foundation is the issues faced by Arthur, a 15-year-old autistic Kenyan boy. His experiences and voice continues to shape interventions provided. Started in 2016, ADAT Foundation has grown to include a parent and caregiver network called ‘Through the Roof’, that is 1,500 strong and growing. Their work is funded by partners and 90% of all funding received goes directly to impacting the lives of children and adults with disabilities in Kenya and beyond.                                                                                                                                            Website:;

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - ADATFoundation

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ROW Foundation

The ROW Foundation exists to improve the lives of people living with epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders in under-resourced areas of the world. We envision a future when the best treatments will be available to all people, at all times, in all the world. In fulfilling their vision, the ROW Foundation works to improve the quality of training, diagnosis and treatment available to people with epilepsy and associated psychiatric disorders in under-resourced areas of the world. They partner with other organizations to maximize impact in under-served areas, both domestically and internationally.



Facebook: ROW Foundation Fights Epilepsy

Instagram: row_foundation

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The Purple Bench Initiative is a patient led organization passionate about shaping and changing lives. At the PURPLE BENCH INITIATIVE, we are driven by a single goal: To empower, making a difference through awareness.  We champion inclusivity and productivity of people living with epilepsy as well as their caregivers, who are then able to achieve their full potential and be relevant contributors to our society. We envision a society where people living with epilepsy and care takers live meaningful and highly impactful lives.


Facebook and Instagram: purplebenchug 

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