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PRETOLA advocates a better future for people living with epilepsy, learning disability and autism around the world by fostering good relationship with organisations across the globe

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Epilepsy awareness and aid Foundation 

EAAF is a non-profit organization in Cameroon that was created in 2020 by Dr Mundih Noelar Njohjam, a medical doctor. Dr Mundih’s motivation to start the foundation was driven by her observation of the high prevalence of epilepsy in Cameroon and the serious physical, psychological, social and economic consequences that this had on people living with epilepsy, their
families and communities. The foundation has as its mission to raise awareness and educate the public about epilepsy and provide assistance to people living with epilepsy. Specifically, the foundation works
to raise awareness and educate the public through community outreaches, school programs and local media outlets. They have been working with people with epilepsy in disadvantaged communities in
Cameroon to make available, high quality and affordable health services to these patients and conducting community sensitization to increase utilization of the services. They recently championed the creation of first ever Epilepsy clinic in Cameroon in the North West region where over 700 persons with epilepsy are receiving treatment, care and follow-up.

Social media handles

Facebook: Epilepsy Awareness and Aid Foundation (EAAF)
Instagram: epilepsy_awareness_and_aid_fdt
Twitter: Epilepsy Awareness and Aid Foundation (EAAF)

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