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PRETOLA advocates a better future for people living with epilepsy, learning disability and autism around the world by fostering good relationship with organisations across the globe

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Arthur’s Dream Autism Trust (ADAT FOUNDATION): 

Exists to provide solutions for families of people living with disabilities in Kenya. The purpose of the Foundation is to aide parents in getting a timely diagnosis for their children, connect with the right schools and establish a support mechanism for parents of children living with various disabilities. Their work includes ensuring persons with disabilities have access to education, health and justice. This often involves advocating for reasonable adjustments to be made so that persons with disabilities and their families live fulfilling lives. The inspiration behind the Foundation is the issues faced by Arthur, a 15-year-old autistic Kenyan boy. His experiences and voice continues to shape interventions provided. Started in 2016, ADAT Foundation has grown to include a parent and caregiver network called ‘Through the Roof’, that is 1,500 strong and growing. Their work is funded by partners and 90% of all funding received goes directly to impacting the lives of children and adults with disabilities in Kenya and beyond.                                                                                                                                            Website:;

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