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PRETOLA advocates a better future for people living with epilepsy, learning disability and autism around the world by fostering good relationship with organisations across the globe

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Know the child - Know your child Educational Consult and Academy (KTC-KYC):
is a fast-growing educational, and vocational rehabilitation organization whose main goal is to help foster inclusive education, advocate functional independence, and wellness of mind for every individual with special needs. Over the years, KTC-KYC has consistently hosted two (2) virtual program conferences which are the Special Educational Needs School Outreach (SENSO), and the Special Needs Vocational Outreach (SNVO). These conferences have trained over 400 Parents, Special Education Needs Teachers, and professionals on the provision of adequate support for individuals with special needs. KTC-KYC believes that students have a right to adequate support, and positive redirection to exceed expectations. They believe that to achieve this, educators and professionals (regardless of what services are specifically provided) must be adequately equipped, and trained to give this support. Additionally, they train young adults living with disabilities to develop a vocational skill. They believe that functional independence and financial sustainability is needed to enjoy a purposeful life. In light of this, KTC-KYC Educational Consult and Academy is an organization that is c
onsistent with meeting needs, proffering solutions and motivating young adults regardless of their limitations, to continue to thrive.


For more information, feel free to send an email to  Also, visit to find out more information about their services. 


Ri-Care Helpmate Services: 

Is a group of Behaviour Therapists and Special Education Needs Teachers on a mission to provide quality therapy in a nurturing and supportive environment with over fifteen (15) years of experience They provide support for children with speech challenges, learning and developmental disabilities. Their goal is to provide children and teens with the opportunity to develop their full potential and functional independence amidst their disabilities.  Our services include:

  • Behavioral modification

  •  Verbal Behavior Skill (speech, language and communication)

  • School ABA tutoring

  • Educational programs for homes and schools

  • Training ABA Tutors and Caregivers

  •  Respite Services and after school care 

  • Sales of therapy materials and flashcards

  • Walk in services

We are committed to making the care of every child count. We see the ability in disabilities and we leave no child behind!




Instagram/Facebook and Twitter: @ricaretherapy

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